Amy loves Mike …

“The Slippery Rock name brings people in,” said Herb Burger of Slippery Rock Development, Inc, the nonprofit group which has spearheaded downtown improvements. “And we are using this to become a visitor’s destination.”

Future plans for boosting tourism include restoring Rock Falls Park, a 15-acre recreational area 1.5 miles south of town along Slippery Rock Creek. Once a thriving amusement park with a swimming pool and guest cottages, the property recently was purchased by two local residents. “They’re hoping to restore it as a recreation center with a flourishing swimming hole, carousel and canoe dock - a family entertainment area,” Slippery Rock Mayor Ken Harris reported. The creek is open for swimming and remnants of the old pool, carousel, roller skating rink and custard stand add to its historical intrigue. Even the trees testify to the former summer getaway, with a carving in one trunk that reads, “Amy loves Mike.”

VillageFest 2017

Date: September 16, 2017

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