So What’s Next?

Resting on our laurels will only allow the re-development area to slowly slip back into the shabby-looking place several years ago. Now that the infrastructural and decorative transformation of downtown has been completed, Slippery Rock Development will focus on maintaining the area and promoting economic development.

Clean and green “Slippery Rock Clean and Green,” a fund to keep the street and parks clean, planted and weeded has been established. As this maintenance fund grows, additional plantings will be installed at key locations.

Economic development Activities to attract new business development include on-going work with realtors and the identification of needed products and services in the Borough and Township. Job growth also is a major focus, and land development and site identification are underway.

Turning the tide Student housing now is quite plentiful, and the University has ‘capped’ its enrollment. Over the past two decades, scores of single-family homes in the Borough were converted to student rooms and apartments. It’s time to reverse the tide and encourage single family living in the Borough by focusing on the reconversion of homes from student apartments back to family dwellings.

… And the wheels of the trucks go … Heavy truck traffic on Routes 173 (Main Street) and 108 (New Castle/Franklin Street) continues to be a fact of life in the re-development area. Slippery Rock Development is working with the Community Transportation Committee to prepare a long-term plan to reroute this traffic off Main Street and develop alternate routes in the area.

Keepin’ on Other initiatives will be undertaken, as needed to insure that Slippery Rock continues to be a visitor attraction and a desirable place to live, work, play and study.

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Date: September 16, 2017

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